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The Scratch-B-Gone Large Area Restoration Kit is designed to fit the needs of those working within the building, cleaning, home repair and maintenance trades and requires large scratch removal. We include a large quantity of products and combine it all in one easy-to-carry hard case. Scratch-B-Gone can go from the tool chest to the work truck to the job site with ease. *Combines manual and powered abrasive materials.



  • Stainless steel sinks, counters and cabinets
  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances – refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, grills and stoves
  • Stainless steel barbecues and accessories
  • Stainless steel elevators and escalators

Contractor Kit - LARK (Large Area Restoration Kit)

    • Remove scuffs, fine scratches, light scratches and deep scratches
    • Remove chemical discoloration caused by cleaning products, bleach and acids on appliances
    • Remove rust and heat scorching (black, blue, gold color) from barbecue hoods and accessories
    • Maintain the appearance of stainless steel sinks, elevators, architectural surfaces, bathroom partitions, appliances or grills
    • Greatly speeds up restoration of deep damage on large and small surface areas
    • Combines our highly successful, field-proven manual restoration process with a fast and durable motorized process.
    • Scratch-B-Gone LARK kits are good for multiple repairs
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